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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> another one. any other many business items. any public comment on our new business items. all right. i think that concludes our meeting. meeting adjourned. have a good night >> good morning, earn. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting for wednesday, june 18th, 2014. we are calling to order the 10:00 a.m. regularly scheduled meeting as well as calling back from recess our budget and finance committee meeting from monday, june 16th. my name is mark farrell, i will be chairing this committee. i am joined by supervisor scott
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wiener and london breed and we'll be joint momentarily by supervisors eric mar and john avalos. want to thank sfgov-tv for covering the meeting nona melkonian and jonathan gum walk. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones. completed speaker cards and copies of any documents are to be provided to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the june 24th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> kay, thank you. could you call items 1 and 2 for the time regularly scheduled meeting today? >> item 1 is proposed annual budget and appropriation ordinance appropriating all estimated receipts and all estimated expenditures for selected departments of the city and county of san francisco as of june 2, 2014, for the fiscal years ending june 30, 2015, and june 30, 2016. item number 2, proposed annual salary ordinance enumerating positions in the annual budget and appropriation ordinance for the fiscal years ending june 30, 2015, and june 30, 2016, continuing, creating, or establishing these positions; enumerating and including therein all positions created by charter or state law for which compensations are paid from city and county funds and
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appropriated in the annual appropriation ordinance; authorizing appointments or continuation of appointments thereto; specifying and fixing the compensations and work schedules thereof; and authorizing appointments to temporary positions and fixing compensations therefore. ~ establishing this division. >> okay, thanks. welcome everyone back to our budget committee here. we're going to start hearing from a number of departments. we have a number of orders today. we're going to hear the district attorney up first. we have two departments i know were here, recessed from monday so everyone will go if they can. otherwise we'll start with our district attorney. [speaker not understood]. >> good morning, mr. farrell, board members. before i start i'd like to thank the mayor's office and i'd like to thank kate howard and [speaker not understood] who worked with us very diligently for many weeks in order to get this project together. i also want to thank the office of the budget analyst and mr. harvey as well as ms. [speaker not understood] and ms. campbell for all the work that you have done. this is a complicated process for everyone and i appreciate it. what i'd like to do is i'm going to give you a quick
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overview of our mission and i'm not going to read it. i think you all have the handout. but basically our work is overseeing the [speaker not understood] to make san francisco a safe city and to do so in a very thoughtful and effective manner. our department is broken down into three sections. we have the criminal department which has vertical and horizontal prosecutions, white collar, [speaker not understood] investigations, and we have the community collaboration department. that's where we have our alternative programs and initiative. we have victim services. we have juvenile and communication, and we have the support services department which is our finance, human resources and technology. as you can see, there is a brief overview of what our budget looks like when compared to current year to next year. and then this is for the
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following fiscal year by comparison. then here are some new areas and starting with the new initiative in mental health, and you can see there that there is a significant amount of work that is going to be heading towards the da's office by a variety of -- in a variety of areas. and you can see there that the -- that lays out the work we're going to be doing, regular shifts in some of those areas. this is a breakdown of the work load in that area and you can see there the number of cases that will be reviewed annually by the office and the increase in work. and i think it's important to underline in addition to the work that is being shown in this presentation today, there's no consideration there for any additional work that would come if we work to implement the [speaker not understood] law here in the
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county. if that were to be the case, which we're supportive of, there would have to be a separate conversation concerning resourcing that particular effort. here is an area i'd like to underline because this is an important area that really speaks to when we invest in public safety, the result really shows. i think that many of you will remember this office was really struggling dealing with domestic violence cases. and thanks to the mayor's office and the board, the da's office was given additional resources to deal with domestic violence. and within a short period of time we're seeing a significant results. we're seeing a dropping of 37% in the cases that are being dropped, and that directly reflects the service of the victims. and we see an increase in the conviction rate by 38%. and, again, this is important to look behind the curtain.
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there is a belief cases are going to be prosecute nod matter what. the result is going [speaker not understood]. we feel if the lawyers do not have the time to work the cases and victim services and investigators cannot work with the victims, often many people, they should be held accountable for their behavior and are not. i think this is a really good example of why it is important to ensure that in our criminal justice system we're resourcing the police which we have to do, but also our prosecutors because the two come together. when there is an imbalance in the work load within the da's office, at the end of the day what happens is we are unable to provide justice for our victims. and you can see there the bars. and then very quickly, going to the presentation here, i know everybody has a lot of work here so i don't want to take a lot of your time. we work very closely with the
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budget analyst's office. we're in agreement in every item except for one. i believe we will reach an agreement, hopefully on that item by next week. and that has to be with an investigator. again, this refers to the need for support personnel within the office. we are still severely under staffed when it comes to support and we believe that this is a position that we continue to have to have in addition to others we should be getting in the future, but i know that we're in conversationses with the budget analyst's office and i believe we're in agreement. that ends my presentation and i'll answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, [speaker not understood]. colleagues, any questions for our district attorney? okay, mr. rose, can we go to your report, please? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee. on page 5 of our report we report that our recommended reductions for the proposed
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budget total 392,467 in 14-15. of that amount [speaker not understood] are ongoing. savings and 202,7 36 are one-time savings. these reductions would still allow an increase of 1,667 [speaker not understood]. 251,0 77 of 15-16. of that amount 176,000 or $20 or ongoing savings. 75,149 one time savings. these reductions would still allow an increase of [speaker not understood] or .1/10 of a percent of the department's 15-16 budget. i would note we have a policy consideration for the supervisors also on the bottom of page 5 in fiscal year 15-16. the department is requesting designate nine positions that were previously approved by the board of supervisors, limited
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term tort department, domestic violence ordinance 32-13 with a termination date of june 30, 2015 permanent position. they want to go from limited to permanent. [speaker not understood] due to the increase in staffing levels for the domestic violence unit, the number of cases dismissed as the district attorney just stated to you has been reduced by 37% or 32 cases from 87 cases in 2012 to 55 cases in 2013. which means that more victims are following through with their cases and total conviction rates have increased by 6 percentage points from 60% to 66%. departmental reports they are unable to evaluate the actual number of limited term positions that were necessary to convert to permanent ongoing positions in order to continue the work of the domestic violence unit. the domestic violence unit works as a team making it difficult to determine the specific contribution of each new position.
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because the proposed positions were proved as [speaker not understood] designating these positions as permanent is a policy matter for the board. so, we do not recommend a specific cut, but we felt that it is important to bring this to your attention. and i would be happy to respond to any questions. >> okay, thank you, mr. rose. do you want to comment on, on the db unit [speaker not understood] was talking about? >> yes. i'd like to draw the analogy in the db unit looking at a baseball team. you know, you have the players who are on the field and every player plays an important role. and if you were to take the first base out or taking the second base or the pitcher, there will always be consequences. it's hard to evaluate in any single game who is the player that had the most impact in that particular game. this unit works as a team. you have investigators, you have paralegals, you have victims services, you have lawyers that are working together, they're wrapping this up on the victims. they're working with the [speaker not understood] office
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to ensure we have the right outcome for the family. all of these, most of the people that we deal with are going to go back to the same household and the goal is to make sure that we do right by everyone that is involved. it is very hard to evaluate if you were to take a particular player, what impact that player will have in a particular case. i don't think that we can do that reasonably. >> okay. colleagues, any questions, comments? all right. so, you'll be working with mr. rose over the next week. we'll see you back next wednesday. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> all right. up next, can we go to our [speaker not understood] please? >> good morning, supervisors. naomi kelly, administrator for the city and county of san francisco. it is my honor to present the
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fiscal year 2014 through 2016 budget. before i get started i just really want to thank the mayor's budget office, harvey rose's office and the board of supervisors with this presentation. my first slide is basically the organizational structure. it just gives you a quick glimpse which most of you know already are the [speaker not understood] of the different organizations in the city administrator's office. the one new program transferring to the city administrative office this year is [speaker not understood] from the department of technology into our office and that is the only new program for this year. and in addition there is a smaller program, healthy cleaning up program transferring from the department of environment to the city administrative office. our two-year budget outlook for fiscal year 14-15 is 307 million. 15-16, 308 million.
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for capital investments for fiscal year '15 we anticipate 11.3 million in capital improvements. the majority of which are adh ambition plan, facility maintenance, [speaker not understood] for city hall, south van ness hall of justice, and animal control facility planning. and that also is 12.3 million in fiscal year '16. we have operating budget changes. we have more facility maintenance [speaker not understood] real estate services and that's primarily for the new public safety building coming online for new positions and overheads to maintain that building. in addition, we have additional operating expenses for convention facilities which is increased operating costs plus paying down debt service for the past enhancements. and our risk management program is increasing primarily because insurance premiums are increasing nationwide by -- up
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by 20%. and our other positions are relatively stable. on the next slide you can just see our expenditures in a pie chart as you see the lion's share of our expenditures is [speaker not understood] 47%, primarily the operating budget of moscone convention facilities and paying down debt service. our salaries are 20% of our budget, 10%. you can see capital is 4%. as i mentioned primarily that's on the a-d-a transition plan and facility maintenance. [speaker not understood] is 3%, materials and supplies is 4%. the big chunk of materials and supplies is [speaker not understood] our city vehicles to operate. and services by other departments. our next slide is all the different divisions departments and their budgets. i'm sure it won't go into every single department, but there may be questions afterwards. we can drill down on the
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specific departments. it's everything from 311 all the way down to treasure island. our position for fiscal year 14-15, we have 45 new positions. however, i should point out that 14.85 of those positions were approved in last year's budget and it's again to -- it's for the public safety building. we have new positions throughout the rest of the divisions for medical examiner, animal care control, our hr division, earthquake safety implementation program and 311. >> ms. kelly, is that the public safety building, is that that big chunk of the facilities real estate maintenance budget increase? >> for positions, yes, going into the public safety building, but it's also operational cost, too. >> okay. on the slide before there was
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an $8.2 million increase year over year on facilities, real estate facilities maintenance. >> it's also rent for 1145 and 1155 market. >> got it, thank you. supervisor wiener? >> thank you, mr. chair. i have a question about animal care control. i don't know if you were going to get into more specifics about spc. >> go ahead. >> my understanding is that you had a city administrator in your budget request from the mayor's office, requested i think it was 900,000 or so of additional animal care control augmentations around enforcement officers as well as help with the shelter and veterinarians. shelters did close sundays and
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mondays, if i'm not mistaken. animal care control has some serious structural staffing problems. my understanding is that the mayor's office did include the augmentation for enforcement officers or animal control officers, whatever you call them. i'm appreciative of that because i think there just was not enough capacity in safety issues so i'm very supportive of that. can you just -- of that, what was the total request that you had included and what was the amount of the mayor's office included? >> sure. so, to support animal care and control we requested just shy of a million dollars to add 11.5 positions. as one of my -- what i always maintained is i am focusing on public health and safety. so, in the priority of positions that we had requested, we had requested three animal care control officers, a half position for a
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veterinarian to provide full-time scheduling and coverage of veterinary services at the shelter. one veterinarian technician, again, to help with the full-time scheduling coverage. three animal care control attendants to ensure sufficient scheduling coverage, and to meet industry needs in cleaning and feeding the different animals. two ftes for daytime filled dispatch and neighborhood officers to focus on [speaker not understood] work. one animal behavioral [speaker not understood] assessment, one public relations officer to implement licensing, to implement a licensing campaign and animal care control visibility. through the budget process through the mayor's phase we were able to get two animal care control officers which we're very appreciative for, and position substitute for a deputy director position which is needed, 20,000 in overtime and 50,000 to fund a new vicious and dangerous dog
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hearing officer. >> what is the numerical amount of that addition? >> so, for the mayor's proposed budget it's about 294,000. >> about 300,000 of the million potentially? >> yes. >> i'm supportive of the mayor's addition, but i would like to see us go further. i know just as a background, i know that the city -- your office went through a very, very methodical, deep analysis working with animal care control. this is not just animal care control coming in saying we want more staffing. i know the city administrator's office had sort of an oversight entity, you guys took a very objective deep look in the agency in terms of structurally what it needed and the work in the budget in the past, you don't throw money at things. you do it when you think it's
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necessary. and, so, this is not in many ways while i think these are true needs of this agency, and sometimes people look at animal care and control and say it's just animals, it's not, you know, it's not on the level of some of our other needs. but putting aside the fact that, you know, how important animals are in the life of the city and how many enormous number of dogs and cats and other animals, animal care and control, it's a safety net organization. it's not a pick and choose. when you go in there, there's not a lot of animals you would ever expect to see in a shelter, types of animal you see there. and they don't turn nina way. so, we need to make sure we have the capacity. ~ turn anyone away the appreciate what the city administrator's office did. i hope at the board level we're
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going be able to make up the difference between what the mayor is proposing and what the city administer recommended. >> thank you. moving on to the positions, again, i think we went through all the added new positions. and then lastly, just major initiatives, again, thank you, supervisor wiener, [speaker not understood] my main focus has been improving public safety and health. and, so, we have through the budget process been given money for the medical examiner, not only in positions but in equipment to help the turn around times in that office, plus animal care and control in addition to the positions increased positions which we're very appreciative of, we have capital funding going into facility maintenance -- not facility, planning for a new facility because they are in need of a new shelter.
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modernization of the central system infrastructure is a huge priority for me as i talked about the medical examiner and not only just equipment to help with the turn around time of cases, but also a case management system and making sure that the data we get tied to in effect i have case management system. with our fleet, we are funded for a new tps telematic system which is wonderful. not only the mileage, it will have better information in mileage such as idling times and other essential information that we can get from telematics. we're cup dating the 311 call center which is very important. and, of course, we are always supportive of increasing [speaker not understood] accessibility and community participation. we have additional professional services for oceia in [speaker not understood], interpretation
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services. our neighborhood beautification grant, we're partnering with the planning department. we have [speaker not understood] funding grants that will go to eastern neighborhoods, market octavia, the [speaker not understood] programs and as always we are putting money towards our a-d-a transition plan. i think it would be just on a closing note, one of the most proud achievements that we did this past year is working with our county clerk's office. and when we got that [speaker not understood] decision to resume same sex marriage, within an hour all the members of the general service agency helped the county clerk as office and was able to get that office up and running for an entire weekend. but we were able to process over a thousand same-sex marriage certificateses. so, i'm proud of the members of the general service agency and you'll be hearing from the director of the county clerk later today to talk about their fees. any other question? >> colleagues, any questions or comments? supervisor mar.
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>> i wanted to thank city administrator kelly for juggling so many different disparate departments and areas. i wanted to ask about the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. i know that there's been the expansion to filipino/tagalog. i'm wondering if you can kind of walk us through a little bit more of the adequate staffing of that office. >> so far i have not heard from -- when adrian is here who can talk about eia. for tagalog we put in an issue last year for tagalog. we are doing interpretation services for tagalog. there will probably be other one-time expenses to other departments to get all of their material interpreted. oci and my office will act -- will be extremely helpful to those departments and helping them figure out which documents
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need to be interpreted -- to be translated and what technology is out there to help translate different services. >> and i know with the board's strong support of language equality and language access ordinance that there's a lot of work, not just for the office of civic engagement immigrant affairs, but departments throughout the city to keep up with tracking the staffing and the languagiblabilities of staff to make sure that we're treating fairly and equally different language, so-called minority populations. i really appreciate the focus on that ~. i did want to say that for one of the other line items, grants for the arts area that -- from last year's budget, i know that some concerns were raised about the need for more equitable and fair funding, especially to ethnic lgbt women and under served communities, arts organizations. and i know that there was an
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effort last year to take some of the resources to -- i don't know that there were increases in grants for the arts, but taking some of the resources to fund more equitable arts funding. we're coming up in july, i think it's later in july for a hearing on a budget analyst report that looked at 25 years of the funding within grants for the arts. at that time i know i'll be raising some of the same concerns. but i'm just wondering if you can comment on progress, if any. i think the report highlighted that there's probably been no progress over the past few years in more equitable funding for the smaller arts groups, especially ethnic community arts given the demographic shifts in the population. and i'm just wondering if you can just comment on the lack of progress. >> well, i think i look forward to that hearing in july. i think we need to dive down
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into that report a bit more. i will note that when we did our own analysis, there was a 68% overlay of grants for the arts [speaker not understood] over the cultural equity grantees. that's money on top -- money for the arts grant on top of the grant from the cultural equity program. i think that during the last few years there's been kind of, especially during recession years, the money has helped -- there hasn't been increased dollars for grants for the arts to include more programs. but i do believe that it is something that we all care about, that there is equitable distribution of funds to all cultural organizations. and i think that i look forward to that hearing in july to discuss collaboratively with the board of supervisors on thing that we can do to make sure organizations that we have
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equitable distribution of funds. >> i know that commitments were made last year at this time for -- from your office and michelle [speaker not understood] from grants for the arts that equity and fairness, more of an even playing field for some of the smaller younger upcoming arts groups that serve populations that both supervisor breed and i and others referenced. i know that there were commitments. but i'm worried that the budget analyst report shows there wasn't any progress. but i'm looking forward to that analysis and discussion in july. i also wanted to say that in my conversations with tom ducaney and others, i know everybody has to work together to expand the pie, but i worry some of the arts advocates in our neighborhood have said if we continue at a snail's pace of equalizing arts funding for more community based smaller lgbt women, people of color or ethnic organizations that we won't achieve anything close to cultural equity until 20 61.
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i'll be 100 years old by then and probably dead, but i'm just worried if we don't act now with a serious commitment like was made last year by your office and ms. schulman that we're not going to achieve equity until i'm dead ~. and i don't want to see that, i want to see us make much stronger steps towards that if we can. i'll just state that right now. thank you. >> okay. colleagues, any further questions or comments? mr. rose, can we go to your report, please? >> yes, mr. chairman, members of the committee. on page 7 of our report this is a separate report on the city administrator. i recommend reductions to the proposed budget total 284,506 dollars. in 14-15, of that amount [speaker not understood] are ongoing savings. 55,891 are one-time saving. those reductions would still allow an increase of 12.4 million or 4.2%.
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in the department's 14-15 budget that would result in 294,506 savings to the city's general fund in 14-15. i recommended reductions to the proposed budget total 2 74,8 92 in 15-16. all of which are ongoing saving. those reductions would still allow an increase of 566,777 of 2/10 of a percent of the department's 15-16 budget. as i understand it, the department concurs with our recommended reductions as shown on pages 8 and 9 of this separate report for today city administrator. >> we concur. i should have stated that at the beginning of my presentation. i'd like to thank harvey rose, [speaker not understood] for the great collaboration we've had this year. so, thank you. >> thank you very much, colleague. questions for mr. rose or for ms. kelly? okay, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. up